Lieutenant General M Chetty
General Chetty joined the police during 1962 and served in KwaZulu-Natal for 29 years before taking up a post in the Training Division at Head Office, Pretoria, with the rank of Brigadier in 1991.

In December 1992, he was promoted to the rank of Major General and on 29 January 1995, General Chetty was honoured to be appointed by former President Nelson Mandela as one of the four Deputy National Commissioners of the newly established South African Police Service. He has been Chairman of the Off Beat Board since 1994.

In 2001 General Chetty retired from the SAPS after 40 years of service and joined the Off Beat team full time.

Lieutenant General TA Mashigo
Lieutenant General Mashigo joined the SAP in 1977 and was attached to the Detective Service. He served on various posts in the Detective Service until his appointment as Area Commissioner for the Pretoria Area in 2001.

In September 2006, Gen Mashigo was appointed as the Provincial Commissioner: Free State, the post he is presently occupying.

He is currently studying towards the Masters in Police Administration, to add to his National Diploma in Policing and his B-Tech Degree.

Gen Mashigo joined the Committee of Off Beat Holiday Club in 2003.

Brigadier RB Brandt
Brig Brandt joined the South African Police Force on the 6 January 1958 and was attached to the Commercial Branch for most of his time in the police.

In 1993 he retired from the South African Police Service with the rank of Brigadier to take up employment as the Chief Executive Officer of the Development Trust for members of the South African Police Service. In March 2001 he retired as Chief Executive Officer of the group and was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Off Beat Holiday Club until the end of August 2009.

He still serves as a Committee member on the boards of Off Beat Holiday Club, Flexi Club and a few other timeshare resorts.

Lieutenant General WH Steyn
General Steyn joined the South African Police Service in January 1955 and after completion of his basic training was posted to Pietersburg (now known as Polokwane). He retired from the South African Police Service in March 1995.

General Steyn has been actively involved with the Police since his retirement and relocated to Krugersdorp where he now resides. He has been a member of the Board of Trustees of Polmed since the end of 2000 and a Committee member of the Off Beat Holiday Club since 2003. He is also national chairperson of the League of Former Police Officials.


Major General Danny Pillay
General Pillay was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Off Beat Holiday Club on 1 July 2009 after having served on the Committee since 2003. He has served the South African Police Service with distinction for 35 years until his retirement on 30 June 2009.

Off Beat Holiday Club is linked to Flexi Holiday Club giving members the added advantage of staying at any of the 170 Flexi Holiday Club resorts.

The CEO fully supports the National Commissioner’s vision for a professional and disciplined Police Service whose members must be hardworking, dedicated and committed and at the same time leading healthy family orientated lives without all of the stresses and strains of the job.

General Pillay is a people centered person who places high emphasis on the welfare and wellbeing of the club’s members. He is ideally placed at Off Beat Holiday Club so that the holiday needs of our hardworking police officers can be given the necessary priority.
Admin Staff

Karen Kleynhans
Karen Kleynhans joined the team on 3 January 1995 when it was still known as the South African Police Holiday Club.

After many years of service Karen still plays an integral role in the administration and functioning of Off Beat Holiday Club. Besides the enormous task of being the Club Secretary, she is also the Secretary to the Chief Executive Officer. With her abundant knowledge of the functioning of the Club and her experience in its administration, Karen is an invaluable asset to the club.

Annatjie Smit
Annatjie Smit joined the team on 15 September 2004 as a Financial Officer. She is meticulous and precise in the management of the Club’s finances and certainly plays a crucial role in ensuring that Off Beat Holiday Club is always in a sound financial position.

Annatjie is reliable, honest and dedicated to her task and Off Beat Holiday Club is proud to have such a person on its staff.
Reservations Staff

Maud Williams
Maud Williams has managed the reservations department Off Beat Holiday Club since March 1999. With her extensive knowledge and abilities, and her keen sense of duty and service delivery, Maud has led the team in delivering superior service to Off Beat Holiday Club members.

Maud has a wonderful talent for communicating with members and will always go the extra mile to try and satisfy their demands.