The Off Beat Holiday Club was born out of the SAP Non-White Resort Fund which was established in 1988 solely for the purpose of generating funds from Non-white members of the police in order to enable the members to purchase their own resort.

Each member contributed an amount of R3 per month in order to achieve this goal and the Fund was being ably managed by a Committee.

In 1994 the SAP Holiday Club was then born and an amount of R7.5 million from the Resort Fund was transferred to the new Club with Lt-Gen SJJ Smit (Basie) being appointed the first Chairman.

Later Maj-Gen Morgan Chetty was appointed the Chairman of the Club and he has remained at the helm to this day. Brig Rynier Brandt was appointed as the first General Manager of the Club and he occupied this position for many years until his appointment as Chief Executive Officer. Brig Brandt recently retired as CEO of the Club.

In order to get the Club off the ground, a strong working committee was formed and the first members of this Committee were:

Lieut-Gen SJJ Smit
Maj-Gen M Chetty
Maj-Gen J M Manuel
Maj-Gen HJJ Westraat
Maj-Gen MS Tsoka
Brig RB Brandt
Brig JJ Calitz
Brig QD Papenfus
Brig DS Maharaj
Colonel GJ Swart
Colonel FJ Zwane
Colonel LSJ Koekemoer

The Secretary of the Club was Warrant Officer MC Joubert. The Club's auditors were Bezuidenhout and Partners.

The present Committee of the Club is:

Lieut-Gen WH Steyn (Chairperson)
Lieut-Gen TA Mashigo
Major-Gen SJ Hankins
Major-Gen G Pillay (Chief Executive Officer)
Brigadier B H Matloko
Adv D Bouwer
Ms Karen Swart (Secretary)

Upon the establishment of the Club in 1994, its primary objective was to provide affordable holiday accommodation for members of the SAP and their families so as to give them an opportunity to get away from the high stress and constant demand that our members face when on duty. The idea was to take our members ‘off the beat’ and give them a place where they can enjoy stress-free relaxation.

In order to find a suitable name for the Club, the Committee held a competition whereby members were required to suggest appropriate names. One of our loyal members, Ms Karin Smit, suggested the name “Off Beat Holiday Club” and for her effort, Karin won a free holiday.

In order to achieve its objective in acquiring time share stock at the various resorts countrywide, the Club sought the assistance of a reputable timeshare company, namely Flexi Club. Their two directors at the time, Mr Tony Ridl and Mr Stuart Lamont were largely instrumental in securing quality stock for Off Beat Holiday Club and although budgetary constraints limited the stock to a handful of resorts, the club kicked off its operations and got going.

Today, Off Beat Holiday Club owns almost 2000 weeks in over 70 resorts to the value of over R140 million. Off Beat Holiday Club and Flexi Club have entered into a reciprocity agreement whereby Off Beat Holiday Club members may use available Flexi Club stock as the need arises. Together with our partnership with Flexi Club, our members have access to more than 3 700 resorts around the world.