All bookings, except for the December holiday season, may be done
TELEPHONICALLY through our booking office in Pretoria tel: (012) 349 2669 / (012) 349 2672 / (012) 349 2277. You will be advised immediately if your request is successful and written confirmation will be forwarded to you with a request to pay the Accommodation Fee within 30 days from the date of booking. As soon as the Accommodation Fees are paid, a guest certificate will be forwarded to you. This must be presented at the resort upon arrival.

Please fax all December booking requests to (012) 349 2668. You will be advised of the outcome as soon as the bookings have been allocated. These requests will only be entertained between 1 December and 9 February each year.

Bookings for any other time of the year (excluding the December holiday season) open on the 1st of October of the preceding year. Although bookings open on the said date, members are free to enquire about available accommodation at any time. (We strongly advise members to book their holidays on the 1st of September or as soon as possible thereafter to prevent disappointment)

Although it may not always be possible to satisfy the holiday needs of all applicants, a waiting list will be kept by this office and applicants be advised of accommodation, which may become available from time to time through new acquisitions and/or cancellations.

Payment must be recieved within 30 days of booking.